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Export domains data to Excel

Export BIN Platform data


1. Select the platform

2. Select the domain status to be exported

3. Select the last update time range of the domain name to be exported (leave it blank for unlimited)

4. Set which domain names to export (leave it blank for unlimited)

Then click Export. After exporting, you can directly upload the exported file to the domain platform to complete the domain name listing, such as Sedo:

Export domains data to Excel

As shown below:
Please select which status of the domain name to be exported (If not selected, all statuses will be exported)
If you need to export certain domain names, please paste these domain names into the text box below. If you don’t enter any data, it means export all, and then click Export.

You can directly edit the exported Excel file. After editing, upload the new Excel file to update the domain name data in batches. See: Upload Excel to import domain data