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USD Exchange


USD Exchange is to convert the list price of your domain name into U.S. dollars. This USD price is only used by PayPal and Escrow.

If your domain name is already listed in USD, please set the exchange rate to 1

If the price of your domain name is in other currencies, such as RMB or Euro, please set the USD Exchange.

The final USD Price is the rounding of the list price * USD Exchange

For Example:

The price of your domain name is all quoted in Euros. And the price of a domain name is 1000 Euros. 1 Euro is roughly equal to 1.1566 US dollars. At this time, you can set the USD Exchange to 1.16

When an end-user purchases this domain name through PayPal or Escrow, the price of the domain name is 1200USD(1000*1.16=1160 USD, and then 1160 becomes 1200 after rounding)

Supplement: Regarding price rounding, you can modify the price rounding rules yourself at index/config.price.php (as shown in the picture below), or you can tell us the rounding rules, and we will help you modify them.