NameContainer Domain Lander Script


With this script,
1. You don't need to create websites and install scripts for each domain name. The script only need to be installed once.
2. You don't need to bind the domain name on the web server.
3. The script can automatically identify the domain name; For example, when a customer visits or or ... the lander page will show " is for sale",

All you need to do is point DNS record (@ , www , *) of the domains to the lander server IP. it's that simple.



To build your own domain lander, you need to buy a server, not a virtual host.
With a server, you don't need to create websites and install scripts for each domain name. The script only need to be installed once.

Now start to create your own domain for sale lander.

Server Recommend: ( Linode mail works normally default )

Server Software Needs: PHP 5.2-5.6, Apache or Nginx any version( Recommend Nginx )

First please buy a linux server , (If you already have a server, please jump to step 3)

Recommend , Generally, the $5/month plan is enough. (You can also choose a higher plan, it depends on you.)

1. Register a Linode account

Please click here to register:

2. Create a Linode

Click here to deploy a server:

Images: Select "CentOS 7"
Region: Choose a server location based on your needs
Linode Plan: Click "Shared CPU", and select "Nanode 1 GB" (Usually, this is enough)
Root Password:  Enter the password of the server system

And then click "Create Linode".

3. Install the script

If you need us to install the script for you (this is a free service), Please send the Server IP and Root Password to, and we will help you configure the server, install web environment and upload the script to your server. ( Well Done, start to enjoy your own domain lander. )

If you need to install it by yourself, please upload the zip file of the script to the default website directory of the server, and then unzip it.

Visit your server IP, and then you will see:

Send the Server IP and User Code to, and we will E-mail the Auth Code to you within 24 hours, and then submit the Auth Code. ( Well Done, start to enjoy your own domain lander. )

You need to resolve the domains to your lander server IP, and then lander will be displayed when customers visit these domains.

Method 1. Use your own DNS Server

We will build a professional DNS server for you, and you only need to modify the DNS of your other domain names to your own DNS (Such as
No other redundant operations are required, accessing these domains will automatically open your domain lander.

How to start:

Method 2. Use DNS provided by your registrar

For the domains which need to point to the script:
Set the A record of "www" , "@" , "*" to your server IP.

Why you need your own Domain For Sale Lander?

1. If you are using a free third-party lander, most of your domain name transactions will be completed through this platform in the future, but you will have to pay higher fees for each transaction.

2. If you are using a paid lander, you will spend ten to hundreds of dollars per month (the cost depends on the number of your domains )

With your own lander, you can negotiate with the customer to choose the transaction method with lower fees, such as Escrow, SEDO External Transfer.

Now you can create your own domain lander with little time.

( PS: If you don't know technology, you only need to buy a server on, we will help you with the rest of the work. )

The cost of creating your own lander:

Item Cost
NameContainer Domain Lander Script Basic Edition $39 / Standard Edition $99
This Special Offer valid until March 1, 2023, limited to 10 places each edition.

( One-time payment, Forever use, Unlimited number of domains )
Linode Server $5 / Month


NameContainer - Domain Lander Script: One-time payment, Forever use, Unlimited number of domain names.