NameContainer Domain Parking Script

Why you need your own Domain For Sale Landing Page?

1. Have your own customers

Using a free third-party lander, your customer information is on this platform, if you need to contact the buyer, you can only go through this platform. ( In fact, many of your customers come to this third-party platform by visiting your domain name, that is, you are helping them import traffic and customers for free. )

With your own lander, you can communicate with your customers via E-mail/Phone/... at any time.

2. Freely manage DNS settings

Using a free third-party lander, you must change the DNS of your domains to their DNS, and then you can't manage the DNS settings for these domains.

With your own lander, you are free to use any DNS, for example: the DNS of domain registrar , or your own custom DNS.

( Because we need to verify the ownership when we list domains on Sedo, Godaddy and other platforms, It is important to be able to modify DNS settings at any time. )

3. More transaction methods, lower fees

Using a free third-party lander, most of your domain name transactions will be completed through this platform in the future, but you will have to pay higher fees for each transaction.

With your own lander, your customers can pay to you directly on your page, or make secure transactions through Escrow. Fees are lower, and your customers can complete transactions by any methods they like.

4. Meet your individual needs

Using a third-party lander, you can only use their lander template, and you cannot modify them or add new features.

With your own lander, you can design it according to your needs.

5. Lower cost (if you are using a paid third-party lander)

If you are using a paid lander, you will spend ten to hundreds of dollars per month (the cost depends on the number of your domains )

NameContainer - Domain Parking Script: One-time payment, Lifetime use, Unlimited number of domain names.

Please have a look at the Demos, you will find that it is the best landing page script currently.

You only need to buy a server, and then we will help you build a professional domain lander.

Suggested Purchase: Parking script + Build DNS Server

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This script is powerful, and using this script can easily manage the domain name data ( Domain Price, Landing Page Template, BIN Links on Landing Page )

With this script, you can manage the landing pages of all your domain names as you like, Such as:
1. Some domains can make offer, and some not
2. Some domains landing page is coming soon ( For some trademark related domains, this will be very useful )
3. Redirect some domains to the buy now page of Godaddy, Sedo, Dan, Namecheap...
4. Some domains Implicit Forward to other website
You can design some templates by yourself to implement some other functions you need.

Here are some examples of our designed templates:

Demo List - Domain Parking Script
Use this template for some domains you want to get offer
( Such as: Unpriced Domains or Unlisted domains in domains.csv ) Unpriced Domain With Make Offer Form Priced Domain With Make Offer Form Unlisted Domain in domains.csv
Use this template for some domains you don't want to get offer
( Such as: Some Fixed Priced Domains ) Unpriced Without Make Offer Form Priced Without Make Offer Form
Use this Template to Parking some trademarked domains Coming Soon
Use this template to Forward some domains to other website Implicit Forwarding
Use this Template to Redirect some domains to Domain BuyNow Platform Jump to Godaddy Jump to Dan
Please refresh the page several times to see the landing page displayed each time A domain set in Multiple Templates

When your client submits an offer, both you and him will receive this notification email:

When you start using this script, please follow the instructions below.

Step1. Config

Area 1: Enabled Domain Buy Now Platform

Please select the Buy Now platform for your domain names, If the domain name platform you are using is not listed, please contact us to add it.

Area 2: Contact Email and Phone

Area 3: Template and Text Setting for Domains

  • Priced Domains: Domains which is in domains.csv and price>0
  • Unpriced Domains: Domains which is in domains.csv and price is blank
  • Unlisted Domains: Domains which is not in domains.csv

Area 4: PayPal and Escrow Setting

Paypal Account Email

If you need to support buyers to purchase domain names through PayPal, please enter your PayPal account email here, if you leave it blank, the PayPal payment option will not be displayed on your landing page.

Escrow Account Email and Escrow Account ID

If you need to support buyers to purchase domains through, please enter these information, if left blank the escrow payment option will not appear on your landing page.

How to get Escrow Account ID?

Area 5: SMTP Setting

When a customer makes an offer on your landing page, the script will send an email to your SMTP Email Address
The offer received notification will Send By: your SMTP Email Address
The offer received notification will Send To: your SMTP Email Address and customer's Email Address

Area 6: MakeOffer Setting

  • BCC to (Optional): The offer received notification will blind carbon copy to this Email Address.
  • Reply to (Optional): When customers reply to emails, they will reply to this email address. If not set, will reply to SMTP email address
  • Minimum offer (USD): The lowest price allowed in the Make Offer form
  • MaxNum of offers/IP (Within 3 hours): Set it to prevent spam

Step2. Set the price of your domain names

Manage your domain prices by uploading CSV files or editing online, The CSV file (Excel) first column is domain and second column is price

Note: The domain displayed on landing page is same case as you typed in domains.csv, Such as:,200000 in domains.csv

Online Update ScreenShot

Step3. Set the BuyNow Platform for your domain names

For Listing Status

The buy now platform can be enabled by the domain listing status in domains.csv

  • Priced in domains.csv: Domains which is in domains.csv and price>0
  • Unpriced in domains.csv: Domains which is in domains.csv and price is blank
  • Unlisted in domains.csv: Domains which is not in domains.csv

You can also export your listed domain name from the buynow platform, and then paste the domain name to the corresponding platform, such as Dan:

Step4. DIY your Landing Page template (Optional)

Design a landing-page template ( .html or .php file ) and put it in the data/template/ directory, such as coming-soon.php

Then go to 'Template' > 'coming-soon.php' to set which domains use this template

Then visit the domains which is using this template, you will see:

If a domain name is set in multiple templates, each time this domain name is visited, the script will randomly select a template to display.

You can design some templates by yourself to implement some other functions you need.


Thank you for choosing NameContainer and hope NameContainer Script will help you bring more sales.

First, Please send the payment by Paypal or Payoneer.
Buy Products Payment by PayPal Payment by Payoneer
Domain Parking Script $300 $280 (Save $20)
Build DNS Server
(one server IP)
$250 $240 (Save $10)
Domain Parking Script
+ Build DNS Server
(one server IP)
$530 (Save $20) $500 (Save $50)

Payoneer Account Email:

Paypal Account Email:

Please Note:

  • Do not resell our products, or any part of our products, in any format (online or as a copy on a device).
  • When you 'purchase' NameContainer Parking Script, you're actually purchasing a license ( Assign to a Server IP ) to use this script.
  • The licensed Server IP cannot be changed or unassigned.
  • NameContainer offers non-tangible irrevocable, digital goods, therefore we do not issue refunds after your purchase is made. You are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing a product.

And then, please buy a linux server, (If you already have a server, please jump to step 3)

I recommend , Generally, the $5/month plan is enough.

1. Register a Vultr account

Please click here to register:

2. Deploy a server

Click here to deploy a server:

Choose Server: Select "Cloud Compute"

CPU & Storage Technology: Select "High Performance" or "Regular Performance"

Server Location: Choose a server location based on your needs, such as "America->Los Angeles"

Server Image: 64 bit OS "Debian" or "CentOS" or "Ubuntu" (Recommend: CentOS 7 x64)

Server Size: 1 CPU | 1G Memory (Usually, this is enough)

Add Auto Backups: Turn OFF

And then you will see the price is $6/month (High Performance) or $5/month (Regular Performance), and then click "Deploy Now".

And then get your Server IP and Root Password:

3. Install the script

If you need us to install the script for you (this is a free service), Please send the Server IP and Root Password to, and we will help you configure the server, install web environment and upload the licensed script to your server.

If you need to install it by yourself, we will send the script files to you via email.

Method 1. Use your own DNS Server

We will build a professional DNS server for you, and you only need to modify the DNS of your other domain names to your own DNS (Such as
No other redundant operations are required, accessing these domains will automatically open the landing-page.

How to start:

Method 2. Use DNS provided by your registrar

For the domains which need to point to the script:
Set the A record of "www" , "@" , "*" to your server IP.