NameContainer - Help Document


1. How to change the website LOGO and favicon icon

  Website LOGO: replace assets/images/logo.png, please use a picture with a transparent background, the recommended size: height 40px, width within 200px

  Favicon Icon: replace assets/images/favicon.png

2. Category domain names

   Please use English letters and numbers for category names, excluding spaces and special symbols.

   Finally, the text content displayed on the webpage in this category can be converted in the website configuration.

3. BIN Platform configuration for domain names

First configure the BIN Platform name in "Settings"

Then configure the BIN Platform Links in "Site Config" > "Global Config"

Important note: If a BIN platform is not configured with a purchase link, the final buy button of this platform  will not be displayed on the domain name landing-page.

4. The rules of displaying ICON for domain names

       If a domain name has been set an ICON image, the ICON of this domain name is this image

       If a domain name is not set an ICON image, the program will automatically choose an ICON image for the domain name. The rules are as follows:

              The program will first check whether there is an ICON image in the category of the domain name, and if so, use one at random

                     If there is no image in the category to which the domain name belongs, the program will retrieve the general ICON images (Folder: /icon-default/)

                             If there are pictures in the general ICON folder, one will be randomly used

                             If there is no picture in the general ICON folder, the program will first judge the sale status of the domain name

                                    If it is for sale, assets/images/sale.png will be used as the display ICON for the domain

                                    If it is sold, assets/images/sold.png will be used as the display ICON for the domain name

You can get ICON images at these sites:

Or search more icon material websites through search engines...