NameContainer - Help Document

Website Language configuration

Here you can configure the text content that appears on your website, the content of the text nature, please modify it as needed

Here are a few points to note:

1. Currency Converter




If the price figures for your domain name data are in USD:

Please set:

currency-symbol -> $

currency-name -> USD

currency-exchange -> 1

2. Link of Domain Detail Page Card




As shown in the picture below, these three values correspond to the three hyperlinks on the domain name details page.

For example, the first Why buy, if this article has been published in your help article and this article URL value is why, please set the value of domain-card-1-url to /support/why or /?support=why

Of course, you can also set other links, such as Please set according to the specific situation.


3. categoryWords -> Convert Domain Name Category

For example, you need to classify the category Internet as Internet Domains in the website category navigation bar


4. binWords ->Text Conversion of BIN Platforms

In general, we define the names of the domain name BIN Platforms to be relatively short, such as Afternic, SEDO, DAN, etc.

But in the end we need to display a more detailed introduction on the front end of the web page, such as Buy through Afternic , Buy through SEDO

The sample effect is shown in the following three pictures


5. website-statistics-code

Here you can add some third-party website traffic statistics code, such as Google Analytics.  You can also paste other JavaScript code you need here, such as online customer service.